5 Leadership Lessons You Can Learn from a Micro-Manager

leadership lessons from a micro manager

When I was in my early twenties, within the space of about three weeks I lost my job, my grandmother passed away (her funeral was on my birthday, no less), my dog died, and I became fairly ill. It was like a country song gone bad. During that season, I worked for a guy that was a micro-manager. I was in

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Three Secrets of a Super-Fun Team

secrets to a super fun team

Have you ever wondered what makes some teams great and some, well, duds? So have I. I’ve been on teams that work really well together and are downright a blast to be a part of. I’ve been on others where I couldn’t wait to go home at the end of the day. For many people, it may be a mixture of

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Top 10 Reasons Your Team Building Activities are Ineffective

ineffective team building activities

“I really don’t want to share anymore,” one of my coworkers said. “Why not?” the facilitator demanded. “Because this isn’t the place,” she replied. At that point, Kara began to cry and walked off. Talk about your awkward moments. Fortunately, I wasn’t the facilitator or the one who made her cry. (Phew!) Why did that turn out so badly? I’ll finish the story in

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