We are committed to bringing the best team building and experiential learning resources to the web.  With our experience and resources, we want to encourage team leaders, group leaders, and small business owners to see the value in team building exercises, adventure recreation, and leadership and team development to accomplish greater results in 3 different areas:


Do you currently have the level of influence you want with your team or teammates?  Do you struggle to maintain that influence or wish you had greater influence and impact over your team?

One of our goals is to equip you, the leader, to have influence over your team and to be equipped to use team building activities not only with your team for retreats, events, and special outings, but also to know when to use these types of events and how to make them meaningful and purposeful for your team.

It’s also our goal that your team learn how to effectively influence each other in the right ways and how to respect each other and build each others’ confidence.  Trust and communication are the foundation of an effective team, and we will provide training and resources that will move your team forward in both of these critical areas.


Unfortunately, team building activities and this industry has become the butt of many jokes.  Team building activities have been around for a long time and are often viewed as cheesy, juvenile games that have no relevance or connection with real-time situations.  Although, unfortunately, some of the games have been used and abused, these kinds of activities are a useful and powerful tool for groups when facilitated and processed in the right way.  There needs to be (like most things) goals established, intentions set, and a purposeful progression of events to make the most out of these initiatives.

Although there are team building professionals, many smaller companies can’t afford to hire them and so are left with either a low-end solution or trying to figure it out on their own and end up spending hours digging for resources.

One of our other aims is to provide web-based trainings, webinars, and resources that you can use to make effective use of your time, as well as become familiar with simple, yet powerful team building tools that you as a leader can use with your team to increase your effectiveness as a team.


One of the most frustrating aspects of team building events for the employee is that there is often a sense that, although fun or entertaining, there is little purpose to these events, and little take-home value.

As we have discussed earlier, these initiatives can alter the life and direction of a group when done with intentionality and purpose.  They also must be tied to real-life situations and processed in that way so that team members can see immediate value from the day’s events.

Although many of the team building games and activities are designed to be fun, they also serve a purpose.  There are many aspects of a team that can be built upon by using these, including:

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Trust
  • Encouragement
  • Team roles and purpose
  • Goal-setting
  • Leadership development
  • Personal challenge
  • Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Decision making
  • Listening skills
  • Valuing individual differences and contribution
  • And many more!

As this site continue to be developed, we hope that it will build a community of leaders and influencers that will assist each other, share ideas and resources, and also be a voice for the profession that can be proud of our work and proud to bring fresh, new creative ideas to the industry.

Here’s to your team’s growth!