Have you ever had someone tell you that you made their day? I did, in fact, just today. It wasn’t that hard, and it didn’t take that much time. Here are just a few simple ways to make someone’s day that are quick and easy, but will be sure to leave both you and those around you feeling special. 

1. Be courteous.
In my opinion, there really is no excuse for being discourteous to other people, especially those of us in people-focused industries. We may be tired or have other things that are frustrating us at the time, but typically, that’s not the fault of the person standing in front of us.

If you find yourself getting frustrated, take a few moments to reset and re-frame your attitude. Here are a few things you can do to calm down and get back to a good state of mind:

– Go for a quick, brisk walk.

– Take a few, slow deep breaths.

– Watch a short, funny video of a comedian you enjoy (make it work appropriate!)

Each of these activities release endorphins into your brain to improve your state of mind and the way you feel. Once you feel better, you will be more likely to treat others with the courteousness that they deserve.

2. Go above and beyond.

When you’re in the process of helping someone, how would people respond if you actually did more than they asked you to do? How would they feel?

Just today, I answered the phone and talked to a lady who I could have easily blown off because I did not have what she needed, but I referred her to someone that could help her. I gave her what she needed even though I didn’t have it. And, she literally told me that I had made her day.  She called very confused and wasn’t sure exactly what she needed, and I helped her figure it out.  It wasn’t that complex, but it did take just a few minutes of time.

Sometimes all people need is a few minutes of your time and a little bit of help. Is it really that complicated?

– Show rather than tell.

When it comes to making someone’s day, it’s always better to show someone rather than tell them. What happens if someone walked up to you and asked for directions and you took them there instead of just telling them where to go? Would that make their day?

– Give more than you’re asked.

Whether it’s information, or something else, have the attitude that you will always exceed expectations. You’re not expected to know everything, but what if you went the extra mile and looked things up for people when they asked (even if it’s not in your department)?

“What if they take advantage of me?” you might ask.  What if they do? You can deal with it then. I’m not asking you to not set up boundaries, but, as far as it concerns you, go the extra mile. Above and beyond is a good motto, isn’t it?  [Not to be confused with, “To infinity and beyond!” 😛 ]

3. Be helpful.

When I was in grad school, I was assigned to read a book by Henri Nouwen called Reaching Out. It, along with some training I received from Eastern Mountain Sports, has shaped my philosophy of customer service and experience.

It really doesn’t take much to be helpful, other than a good attitude and applying the golden rule to the area of helping others. Help others the way you would want to be helped. Whatever kind of work you’re in, remember this rule.

4. Smile and dial!
When my wife and I lived in Dallas, I worked for a call center for a very short amount of time. Part of the training there was called, Smile and Dial. Research shows that you can actually tell if someone is smiling or not over the phone.

Even if you don’t feel like smiling, force yourself to smile anyway. Even if it’s not genuine, it starts a little party in your brain! Which might just make you start feel like smiling.  Once you start smiling, you might just give it away to someone else. Research shows that both smiling and happiness are contagious.

What else have you done to make someone’s day? Which of these will you implement today? Let me know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Bigstock Photo/kbuntu