Communication is one of the most important aspects of any team. Without good communication, teams and projects fall apart. Good communication, on the other hand, cultivates trust and catapults teams into success. There are many aspects of good team communication. Let’s focus on seven of those.

One of the most effective ways to communicate is to inspire. Inspiration is more than talking about action. It speaks of belief and why you do what you do. If you want to have loyal team mates, don’t merely talk about the “what” and the “how”, speak to the “why”.

Great communication is an open channel. It is also a two-way path between leaders and those that follow them. Open communication facilitates a dialogue, not a monologue. Openness requires vulnerability and authenticity.

Have you ever had the feeling, that although someone was talking to you, that they weren’t being completely honest? I imagine we’ve all been there. Honest communication breaks down barriers. Not being honest can create major barriers in any team.


Good team communication has an element of accountability. It says, “It’s not okay to let other team members down.” Team members hold each other accountable, and the leadership is not immune to it either.


There is a consistency to great team communication. Leaders are consistent in talking about the vision and keeping it before the team. Team members are consistently talking about goals and projects and deadlines. There is a consistency to good accountability as well – everyone is held accountable for their role in the overall success of the vision.


Those that create teams are committed to communication that is both intentional and directive. there is a commitment to the integral parts of communication above, as well as improving areas where communication is lacking and fixing areas of miscommunication.


“I trust you with this information.”

This trait elicits the feeling of that phrase, whether it is spoken out loud or not. This characteristic also may take some time to develop, but as it does, the foundation of trust continues to be built and a team can move into greater health.

What other communication traits are essential for teams? 

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