About Me

Hi, my name is Will Ratliff and I am the founder of Lead by Adventure.

I love working with teams and leaders.  

Does your team need a jolt of excitement and a boost of motivation?  Do you want to see your team transformed from ordinary to extraordinary but don’t know how to get there?  Do you need team building resources to move your team to the next stage of development?

This is where I come in.   

I’ve seen and been a part of countless teams that are average, yet have the potential to have far more impact and results than they currently experience.  I built this site for one reason:

To help next-generation teams and leaders have the resources and training they need to be the best they can be.

My journey in working with young leaders and teams began when I was in college.  I was a youth ministry intern for a summer in LaMarque, Texas.  The summer weather was brutal, but it was in the heat and humidity of Gulf Coast Texas that I discovered a love for equipping young people to excel. 

When I graduated from Baylor University, my real adventure began.  I moved several times over the next few years to live adventurously and gain experience working with teams. Here’s a snippet of my journey:

Boston, MA – Learned to rock climb and continued my work in youth ministry.

Seattle, WA – Continued rock climbing, led backpacking trips and leadership programs for high school students.

Three Lakes, WI – Received training in group development, camp and recreation management, and a variety of recreation adventure activities.

Wheaton, IL – Finished my Master’s Degree from Wheaton College.

Cedar Springs, WA – Received training in high/low ropes courses, team building activities, and outdoor education.

Through my experience with experiential learning, leadership training, and team building activities, I saw teams and leaders improve tremendously. Here are some of the things that happened:

  • Team members overcame barriers to communication
  • People became more confident in their leadership ability
  • “Shy” leaders uncovered their potential and gain more respect with their team
  • Groups learned to problem-solve more effectively
  • “A-ha” moments connecting team challenges with every-day team issues
  • Individual and group breakthroughs

I can help your team do the same!

I have over 15 years of experience leading teams and groups through team building activities, leadership games, ropes courses, and developing them to become better and more productive.

My goal is to help you as a leader help you and your team become more effective by using powerful team building exercises, experiential learning, and transformational leadership activities to move your team forward, establish a foundation of trust and respect, and get your team working together and communicating effectively to achieve desired results.

Although most of this site features activities that are done outdoors and might be considered some of the more traditional team building activities, I also want to highlight creative ways to build your team.  These are things that may not cost you any more money as a leader (I understand the bottom line is important), but things that will take only time and energy to implement.  

I will also highlight leaders and organizations leading out by being creative in their team building efforts, developing the next generation of leaders, or just by being adventurous with their group in creating and empowering their team.

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