Highly Effective Team Resources

Here are some resources that I have used and recommend for increasing your skills in team building and helping to supplement the material in our eCourse. If you have used a resource that is not on here that you would like to share, please email me any recommendations at will@leadbyadventure.com. Thanks and enjoy!

Team Resources for Trait #1: Trust

Books on Trust


Specific Trust Building Activities

Trust Fall

Trust Walk

Mine Field

FREE Videos – Trust Building Exercises

Wind in the Willows:

Lean Walk:

Blog Posts:

5 Quick Ways to Build Trust with Your Team in Five Minutes or Less

4 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Someone’s Day. #3 is so important!


Team Resources for Trait #2: Communication


Coming soon!

Communication Team Building Activities


Helium Stick

Free Videos for Communication Skills

Brian Tracy on Communication:

Blog Posts:

20 Creative Icebreaker Questions to Get Your Team Communicating

2 Communication Activities You Can Use With Your Team Today. #2 is More In-Depth

Communication in Effective Teams

Team Resources for Trait #3: Integrity 

Coming soon!

Team Resources for Trait #4: Service

Coming soon!

Team Resources for Trait #5: Vision

Coming soon!

Team Resources for Trait #6: Creativity

Coming soon!

Team Resources for Trait #7: Loyalty

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