Some of my favorite things include working with students and teams of students –
encouraging them to lead well and grow into the leaders they were created to be. Investing in the next generation (“next-gen” as I call it) is vital to our future. If this sounds like something that resonates with you, we need to connect!

Team Building training with Lead by Adventure

Working with students is so rewarding, but it can also be challenging. I’ve been working with students since my sophomore year in college, and I’ve learned a lot about what to do and what NOT to do. I’ve gained vast amounts of wisdom from students themselves as well as from others who have coached me along the way. The lessons I’ve learned are ones that I want to share with others.

Below are eight ways that you can connect with me and learn from my knowledge and experience. I have organized the areas from top to bottom, starting with those that require the least investment to those that require the most.


  1. Search my site. I have written many blog posts on various leadership and team challenges. Chances are, I have already addressed your question or issue. Use the search box in the upper right-hand corner of any page.
  2. Subscribe to my newsletter. I currently publish at least one new blog post a month, as well as monthly updates to my newsletter subscribers (with exclusive content available only to them). I write about leadership, personal development, team building, and fun adventures. By subscribing, you’ll get my latest thinking delivered straight to your inbox. Click here to subscribe…
  3. Advertise on my site. I offer a limited amount of advertising, only for products or services that I use or organizations and individuals that I trust and believe in. If you have a product, service, or event that would be of value to my community I’d love to share it with them. Learn more…
  4. Buy my online training. You have to wait for this one. I am in the process of developing online training courses that will be available in 2016. To learn more about the online training, release dates, and special offers related to trainings click here.
  5. Hire me as a writer. I have been writing for my site and numerous other sites for the past few years. I’ve written hundreds of blog posts, articles, and emails related to teams and leaders. My work has been featured on a number of sites including Lead with Giants, The High Calling, and Lead Change Group. Learn more about my writing…
  6. Book me as a speaker. I’ve honed my speaking skills through various ways: coaching, teaching, and various speaking opportunities. I’ve spoken at events sponsored by Texas Gear Up, presented at a state education conference, as well as youth camps and leadership retreats. Learn more about my speaking…
  7. Hire me as a facilitator. One of my favorite things to do is work with teams and facilitate group experiences. From outdoor education to ropes courses and indoor team events to leadership camps, my experience is varied and vast.
  8. Hire me as a coach. I love teaching and coaching. I believe they are two of my gifts. Unfortunately, I have limited time available for it. Therefore, I am very selective. I offer leadership coaching, as well as train-the-trainer coaching for those who would like to become team building facilitators. If you this is something that you would like to explore, click here to learn more.

Have something else in mind? Then, please fill out the following form and I will respond promptly to see how I can serve you best.